S 70

The S.70 sliding system is made with panel profile bars with a 40 mm cross section and a reinforcement pivot for larger panels, capable of supporting panels weighing up to 150 kg.
Rounded forms and exclusive design offer attractive and original visual results with excellent surface finishes
All components are produced to exclusive TENDER Srl designs with accurately selected materials that are fully tested to guarantee only the best functionality, reliability and duration.

  • Versions:
    Normal profiles or with thermal break (insulation 24 mm).
  • Fields of application:
    Verandas, conservatories, doors and windows, public venues.
  • Dimensions:
    Door panels are always made to measure, with reinforced profile bars when they exceed the dimensions specified in a preparatory diagram that takes into account the moment of inertia determined by wind thrust.
  • Sliding:
    Movements on ball bearings covered with synthetic material and with a capacity of 150 kg for every door panel. Every door panel has adjustable runners for perfect alignment.
  • Closures and handles:
    Standard Sunroom handles with ergonomic design, with or without keys. Cylinder locks or even security locks can be fitted on request. All closures are secured at two or more points, and project for 28 mm into metal counterplates fixed to the frame.
  • Glazing:
    The system can hold glass or other blind panels up to 27 mm in thickness.
  • Types available:
    Frames are made with 2-way or 3-way profile bars to contain 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 door panels.
  • Important features:
    Frame tracks have a special shape that ensures perfect seal contact in the presence of wind pressure.

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