Puro TT

Puro TT is the completely flat thermal break system for conservatories with a modern, distinctive, and minimal design.

Its modular structure offers great advantages in terms of freedom of design, to adapt to any type of building, whether new or existing. The roof glazing can vary as needed: from glass of different thicknesses (double or triple) to insulated panels for maximum customization. There are many dimensions and set up configurations: square or rectangular, with different façades or finishes, and in all the colours you could wish for.

Puro is entirely made of aluminium and glass: two natural materials that are highly resistant to showing the effects of time in order to offer aesthetic and functional harmony. To enjoy the Puro TT conservatory through the year, it is essential to use custom-made glass systems designed to offer a complete, high quality product. The built-in LED lighting can create many effects that promote relaxation and an hospitable environment.


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Set up


Marble Brown
9005 Matte
Marble Grey
7016 Matte
Colours on request
The shades of the colour samples shown are purely indicative. For actual colours, please contact Sunroom.