Oskura Orienta

It is the exclusive bioclimatic pergola with swivel slats that offers maximum comfort and versatility so you can enjoy the luxury of living in nature.

Thanks to its sunscreen system, Oskura Orienta can modulate the sunlight and heat, depending on the season and on your needs, creating an ideal indoor bioclimate. If you want a building that blends into the natural context, Oskura Orienta  is perfect because its intelligent architecture creates an oasis in nature and redefines the space to provide well-being and comfort in any season.

You can customize your bioclimatic pergola with LED lighting, glass systems or climatic sensors.

Ideal for your garden, your terrace, or any type of outdoor area, Oskura is available in multiple colours. Find the right one for you!.

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Marble Brown
9005 Matte
Marble Grey
7016 Matte
Colours on request
The shades of the colour samples shown are purely indicative. For actual colours, please contact Sunroom.