The bioclimatic pergola allows you to create a welcoming and elegant outdoor space, where you can enjoy some quiet time or relax with friends. Thanks to its retractable slats, Sunroom Oskura Waterproof can modulate the intensity of sunlight and heat, depending on the season and on your needs, and open completely for a free view of the sky. Made in aluminium, a 100% recyclable material, it offers solidity and security, respecting the environment both in the case of new buildings and in the case of building restoration. Sunroom products have always been known for their research and innovation: Oskura Waterproof is patented in Europe.

Bioclimatic pergolas in aluminium can be created with the maximum degree of freedom and based on the space to be protected. If the space is isolated, self-bearing structures can be created. Otherwise, an existing space can be covered, or you can create a pergola fitted to a wall. It is not possible to indicate a cost since the price to build a bioclimatic pergola depends on many different factors, such as: size, structure, finishes and/or colours chosen, customisation, etc. For this reason, our planners and partners are at your disposal to find the best solution for your specific project.

Enjoying your Oskura bioclimatic pergola throughout the year is possible with the Sunroom glass systems. There are infinite possibilities for mobile glass doors suitable for every need: sliding, packing, Tuttovetro frameless systems (in the slide or stacking versions) and vertically sliding doors. All, naturally, with the Sunroom brand, created specifically as glazed accessories for your pergola and, therefore, perfectly compatible.

A conservatory is an oasis in your home, available every day, regardless of the weather outdoors. It is an environment to enjoy, for complete relaxation, to enjoy a starry sky, while feeling free and protected in the intimate comfort of your own home. Sunroom conservatories are the most elegant and flexible on the market for slender and robust aluminium constructions. Thanks to the thermal break system and carefully selected glass, they offer a high degree of thermal and sound insulation, contribute to keeping rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and protect you from outside noises for maximum comfort and well-being.

Whatever Sunroom model you choose (S.75 TT, S.60 TT, S.40, or S.30), the frame is made of extruded aluminium, available in the thermal break or non-thermal version. Depending on your needs, all Sunroom folding doors can be packed inward or outward, on the right or left, or distributed on both sides for larger openings. The packing mechanism is very simple and is made with hinges and tracks that allow the panels to be packed next to each other so they almost disappear, creating a pack of overlapping panels to offer the maximum opening. The minimum footprint is one of the benefits of the Sunroom folding door systems and is a detail that should not be underestimated when choosing your glass system. When the panels are extended, on the other hand, the folding door will be hermetically sealed like a traditional glazed unit.

Tuttovetro (“all-glass”) systems, as their name suggests, are made up of sheets of tempered safety glass of different thicknesses (8/10/12 mm) depending on the dimensions, which are always custom-made and then inserted in a minimal aluminium profile for maximum elegance and durability. Tuttovetro frameless systems have a minimum footprint, even with the panels open, both in the Slide version and stacking version, for a full view of the outdoors without the typical footprint of vertical profiles, for zero impact on the view.

Glass is, undoubtedly, the fundamental element for providing proper illumination to environments and, thanks to its reduced visual impact, it fits perfectly into any space.  Sunroom sliding doors add other advantages, such as the creation of large glazed surfaces with large panels that create a minimum footprint, even with the panels open. Sliding doors can also promote excellent indoor air flow and offer a full view of the outdoors. Opting for sliding doors with thermal break will improve the thermal and acoustic performance of the environment and offer the possibility of receiving government incentives of 65% or 50% related to energy savings.

Maintenance of our lines is quick and easy and, if performed regularly, can also be performed independently. However, if you need specific assistance, our sales agents located throughout the country will be able to schedule assistance.

All of our products are manufactured in Italy with cutting-edge machinery, certifications, and work centres of the latest generation to offer you maximum precision and security. Our manufacturing facility is located in Cattolica (RN) and covers a surface area of over 10,000 m2.