The S.40 folding door offers a robust structure made with modular elements in non-thermal aluminium profiles. Each glass panel connects to the others, rotating and gathering in a lateral pack, all inside a single track, offering a wide and free opening to be able to enjoy the fresh air and abundant natural light, not blocked by the fixed glass panels of traditional glass systems.

Normally, the panels hang from the upper track using rollers with ball bearings covered in a synthetic material, while the lower part has rolls that slide along an aluminium track on the floor, or recessed and made of stainless steel. If the upper structure is not strong enough to support the weight, the S.40 folding door can also slide with the rollers on the bottom track. The unique hidden hinges ensure a pleasant and original appearance and provide good protection against the weather.

Ideal for closing off your patio, balcony, or bioclimatic pergola, but also for businesses such as Barss, restaurants, or ice cream shops, the S.40 folding door is easy to use and very practical. It can be packed to either the left or right, or, in cases with large dimensions, divided on both sides.

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Marble Brown
9005 Matte
Marble Grey
7016 Matte
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