Folding doors

The folding doors, in “book style” were created with Sunroom in 1969, when it was the first brand in the world to file a patent for this type of glazed unit. And thanks to the special mechanism that collects and packs them, they are still an excellent solution for making the most of your space and the outdoors. In fact, using this type of solution allows the creation of new rooms: not just offering extra living area compared to what we already have in our house or business, but also providing us with unexpected perceptions. The delight of living in a glassed-in environment allows us to be in contact with the outdoors while maintaining privacy and security. There are many fields of application and they give us the possibility of reinterpreting various environments: pergolas, greenhouses, conservatories, loggias, porticoes, and even balconies and terraces. The frame is made up of extruded aluminium, available in a thermal break or non-thermal version, and has sliding panels that slide on tracks. Sunroom folding doors can be opened inward or outward, to the left or right, as needed. Whatever configuration you choose, the hinge and track mechanism allows the panels to be packed next to each other, almost disappearing, to form a pack of panels that will remain isolated, and once extended, they close hermetically like a traditional glazed unit. The minimum footprint of the gathered panels is an added bonus of Sunroom folding doors and should not be underestimated when creating our new environment.

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