Sunshade Systems

The Oskura line modern outdoor screening systems allow perfect modulation of the flow of light and air and also guarantee an excellent sunshade function. Made of extruded aluminium, the Oskura systems have slats that incline during gathering, obtaining a sunscreen effect and when they are completely closed they create good shading and a barrier against intrusion. Once gathered in a pack, the Oskura system has a minimum footprint for a wide and free view of the outdoors. The line adapts to any situation thanks to its ability to move horizontally, vertically, and on an inclined plane. Consequently, it is also ideal for use in greenhouses, bioclimatic pergolas, conservatories, and other common façades. The Oskura screening systems are an intelligent and modern solution since they integrate harmoniously into the structure of any building, maintaining its aesthetic equilibrium, and are able to cover even large surfaces.

  • Oskura Orizzontale

  • Oskura Verticale

  • Skuro Sikuro