In the beautiful setting of Lower Austria, the most extensive and agricultural region of Austria, is the house where our partner, Kollarits Josef Gmbh created an outdoor space with two different types of glazed units.

For the front and side glazed surfaces, the Tuttovetro Slide frameless sliding system was chosen. Three-track and with three panels, it has a handle with a minimal design inserted directly on the panel. Also, upon request, an external lock with safety key was added.  This type of glazed unit allows an immediate and complete visual connection between the relaxation area and the outdoor garden to be able to enjoy the light and panorama with zero impact on the architectural complex thanks to the absence of vertical profiles on the panels. On the side, on the other hand, the two and three panel type S.30 folding door was used. This solution allows the space to be optimized and practical and safe access to the stone stairs that lead directly to the garden, located near the structure. The packed opening, with a very small footprint, completely frees up the space.

In this context choosing the Sunroom product that best met the customer’s need was important to allow the new environment to be enjoyed in complete comfort and security.