When we think about the word “outdoors”, our mind immediately imagines relaxation and a free and natural space to experience according to our way of life. In the hills of Burgenland, in Austria, we find this splendid villa with a large pool and garden – the ideal place to stay in harmony with nature…without giving up comfort!

And to obtain the result we are expecting, it is always good to contact a specialist who can propose the best solution for any context. In this case the answer is simple: Sunroom Tuttovetro Slide – frameless sliding door. The elegant sliding glass system with a minimal design that protects against weather such as rain or wind, amplifies the view of the panorama, and integrates perfectly in the new functional area between the pool and garden.

Our installer partner, Kollarits Josef Gmbh installed the Sunroom Tuttovetro Slide frameless sliding doors with five parallel panels that slide on five different tracks on the side part, while the front part has a four-track, four panel system. The gaskets, that were inserted between the tempered glass panels, increase the resistance to water, air, and weather.  The handle on the panel has a sophisticated, minimal design. A further detail not to be underestimated is the bottom track that is flush with the floor to promote greater fluidity between the inside and outside.