A dream setting for a beautiful detached villa in the outskirts of Rome. The client was looking for an extension of its building that would make it possible to enjoy the large outdoor space without sacrificing comfort and liveability in every season.

Tecnoart is the installer partner that, through the creation of the large Clima TT conservatory with thermal break covering about 30 m2, built a living area that can be used throughout the year to be able to enjoy the outdoor space with a functional and constant connection with the environment inside the home.

Initially a masonry perimeter threshold was built to overcome a previous height difference, then the entire structure was installed with some important aesthetic and functional features. For example, the glazing covering part of the roof has the dual purpose of hiding part of the sloping roof on the structure and at the same time hiding the movement of the curtains, which is not pleasing to the eye.

The S.150 TT minimal sliding door with thermal break was chosen for the entire perimeter of the structure to facilitate a full view of the outside, thanks to its reduced profiles with a modern and exclusive design and to the excellent thermal-acoustic insulation for optimal living comfort.