An installation in a terraced house in the Budakalász area of Hungary saw the creation of a new functional and healthy environment with large Sunroom Tuttovetro frameless openings that promote a natural and constant air exchange, without forgetting practicality and appearance.

After the creation of a steel bearing structure of about ten m2 without posts on the sides, our partner installed the Sunroom Tuttovetro frameless system in the collapsible version that, thanks to its great design flexibility, made it possible to create two open corners: definitely an added value in terms of design and definition of the areas.

The design called for the Sunroom Tuttovetro collapsible frameless system to completely gather on one side, towards the outside, to allow the view to be completely open and promote direct access to the wide terrace along the entire length of the building. The glazing used is in 10 mm tempered glass with sealing gaskets between the panels to protect against wind and rain.  The industrial style, with dark colours and exposed bricks, integrates perfectly with the elegance of glass and the colour chosen for the profiles.