Between the Mátra Mountains and the Bükk massif, in the Eger River valley, lies the town of the same name, famous for its ample hilly areas, the tranquillity of its valleys, and of course for its good wine! In this setting, a beautiful villa was able to combine a modern style with a more classic one, thanks to the creation of a large Sunroom conservatory in typical European style.

Our partner, Sunwood, installed a state-of-the-art Clima TT aluminium system with thermal break for conservatories based on an original project, with everything custom-made and adequate profiles in terms of capacity and depth, based on the climate. The solution used is fitted to the wall and allows everything to be close at hand, creating a dedicated area that is attached to the house.

Clima TT system in aluminium with thermal break for conservatories has an aesthetic quality that is obvious in the minimum profile of the beams, with a slender appearance, which promotes the maximum amount of sunlight in this large living area, with an obstruction-free view of the outdoors on three sides. The owner also chose to insert a motorised dormer for constant exchange of natural air.