The long beach, the sea, and the worldly life makes Egmond aan Zee a perfect destination to explore and enjoy the wonders of Holland and… to enjoy an ice cream or a pizza (Italian, of course!) even in the land of tulips. The name hints at the Italian origins of Ijssalon Rosaria, where a stop is a must for a rich breakfast, a quick snack, or dinner with friends accompanied by a wonderful sunset by the sea.

And to best use all of the space this business activity had to offer, a Clima TT roof for thermal break conservatories was installed along with the S.60 TT folding door with thermo-insulated profiles for excellent resistance to the temperatures that can be quite extreme in this area. The practicality of a folding system for a commercial location is obvious: always made to measure, the S.60 TT folding door with thermal break profiles has no length limits and offers great freedom of design. Also, the ability to insert a low threshold minimizes the thickness in transit to make it easier for customers and staff to move between the indoors and outdoors. And finally, the customization of the colours and finishes is perfectly integrated with the style of the building.