Located on the tip of the estuary of the river from which it takes its name, Bocca di Magra is a small town on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, in a strip of land that separates the sea from the majestic Apuan Alps. Here, in 1968, the platform was built on the mouth of the river that evolved from a terrace with tables and rocking chairs to become the home of the current restaurant, La Lucerna di Ferro in 2017, on the platform suspended on the river.

The major investment was made based on a design by Florentine Architect Sestieri, while our partner, Nuova Alluminio 2000 took care of the installation of the S.70 motorised vertical sliding doors that enclose the large hall from which you can admire a unique panorama.

The installation includes three modules on the front, for a length of about 12 metres, and three side modules of 6.5 metres. Both solutions have three panels, one fixed that also works as a parapet, with double-glazing for good insulation. The profiles are white, with the special pre-oxidizing treatment that helps fight the effects of salty air.

The choice of S. 70 motorised vertical sliding doors was ideal because it lets the guests at La Lucerna di Ferro enjoy a breathtaking view and benefit from the natural ventilation that makes the indoor environment more healthy and pleasant in any season.