System with fully-glazed door panels made entirely in tempered safety glass, running individually on upper and lower tracks.
The advantages of this model lie in its zero visual impact on its architectural context, as a result giving a total panoramic view unobstructed by vertical profile bars. The glazed doors can be opened partially or completely, and cleaning is made easier by the 90° opening of every single panel.

  • Fields of application:
    Verandas and balconies. Bioclimatic solar greenhouses, bars, restaurants with seasonal opening, etc.
  • Dimensions:
    Made-to-measure door panels up to 800 mm in width, and up to 3000 mm in height, depending on the glass thickness used. Closures of unlimited length can be constructed, because the door panels slide individually and can therefore be gathered together at both ends of the veranda.
  • Sliding:
    Door panels run on two tracks, and are suspended from the upper track with special runners. The lower panel edge has rollers in synthetic material that run in an aluminium track on the floor, which can even be sunken.
  • Closure:
    Extremely easy. Every panel can be folded together on the left or right only, or on both sides for larger verandas.
  • Adjustments:
    On request, the upper aluminium track can be adjustable.
  • Glazing:
    Tempered glass with thickness 8, 10 or 12 mm.
  • Important features:
    Transparent seals between each panel available on request.

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