Tuttovetro Slide

Tuttovetro Slide is a parallel sliding system, made up of only panels of tempered glass running on upper and lower tracks. This system allows constructions of many types to be assembled, suitable for use in a variety of situations, including verandas and solar greenhouses.
All components are produced to exclusive TENDER Srl designs with accurately selected materials that are fully tested to guarantee only the best functionality, reliability and duration.

  • Profile bars:
    Profile bars in extruded aluminium. Exclusive forms and designs give assembled fittings an attractive personalized appearance.
  • Fields of application:
    Balconies, verandas, solar greenhouses, public venues.
  • Accessories:
    All accessories are designed for this specific application. Closures are operated with internal knobs, and are also available with an external key.
    The stainless steel linking system between the glass panels allow all panels to be moved together, without any additional operations.
  • Sliding:
    The stainless steel runners have wheels with a diameter of 28 mm and protected ball bearings, with a capacity up to 100 kg for every panel. Every door panel has 2 adjustable runners for perfect alignment. For better operation, panels run on lower tracks covered with stainless steel.
  • Glazing:
    The system uses tempered glass panels with thickness of 10 or 12 mm.
  • Types available:
    The frame is made up of profile bars for the upper and lower tracks to create from 2 to 7 sliding channels. By allowing all panels to be gathered together next to the first, this system makes it possible to open most of the available surface area.
  • Important features:
    Transparent seals between each panel available on request.

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