S.150 TT is an extremely innovative minimal sliding system that uses profile bars with a thermal break of significantly compact dimensions, but with the possibility of fitting double-glazing panels for extremely efficient heat insulation.

The system is made with special profile bars, with a central upright of only 26 mm, offering an almost unobstructed view towards the exterior.
Slim and linear forms, distinguished by exclusive SUNROOM design, offer attractive and original visual results.
All components are produced to exclusive TENDER Srl designs with accurately selected materials that are fully tested to guarantee only the best functionality, reliability and duration.

  • Profile bars:
    Profile bars on panels and the frame have a thermal break consisting in 42 mm polyamide bars, giving excellent heat insulation. In addition, their special shape makes maintenance and cleaning of the product particularly easy.
  • Sliding:
    Movement on runners with stainless steel wheels sliding on a support also in stainless steel. This system ensures extremely light movement even with particularly heavy glazing panels. The great strength of the runners allows panels with total weights up to 300 kg to be constructed. Every panel has adjustable runners to ensure perfect alignment, which is a special feature on minimal sliding systems of this kind.
  • Closures and handles:
    With their square design, Sunroom handles are incorporated in the profile bars of the lateral upright (patented system), allowing them to remain discreetly unnoticeable against the profile bar. On request, closure systems can be fitted with cylinder locks or even security locks.
  • Glazing:
    The system can hold glass or other panels up to 48 mm in thickness.
  • Types available:
    Frames are made with 2-way or 3-way profile bars to contain 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 door panels.
  • Important features:
    The lower track, with a height of just 23 mm, is usually installed resting on the floor, to ensure excellent results during certification procedures. When necessary to obtain higher sealing performance, a discharge reservoir can be fitted beneath the lower guide.

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