Puro is the most innovative and exclusive roofing system for conservatories, solar greenhouses and verandas. The concept of a flat self-supporting roof structure makes Puro a solution without rivals on the market.
With its modern and essential lines, Puro offers a new style of life, dedicating quality spaces and time to your wellbeing.

  • Linear design:
    A series of profile bars and accessories that permit the construction of unique roofs with an essential and minimal design.
  • Interior/exterior concept:
    The Puro system allows an external glass covering to be created, which can then be finished internally in a variety of different ways. This solution gives a significant reduction in heat loss and excellent control over sunlight.
  • Horizontal structure:
    The special horizontal structure of the roof conceals the sloping beams inside it, so that the final internal height is greater than with a classic slanted roof.
  • Load capacity:
    The combination of the slim supporting beams and the horizontal profile bars of the frame give structures a high static and dynamic load capacity.

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