Clima is a roofing system for conservatories, solar greenhouses and verandas that uses a series of aluminium profile bars, accessories and seals featuring absolutely innovative concepts, designed with the maximum attention even to the smallest details.

The visual appeal of Clima derives from the minimum dimensions of the slender profile bars used for the roofing beams, which permit the maximum passage of sunlight.

Clima allows the configuration that matches the external environment with the greatest harmony to be chosen. From the simplest forms though to more complex ones, Clima creates spaces that can be lived in all year round, with a touch of classic style that gives maximum comfort and relaxation.

  • Modular structure:
    Modular and interchangeable profile bars and accessories permit the construction of roofs with a variety of forms and finishes, even with different colours internally and externally.
  • Forms:
    The modular system allows an infinite number of forms to be assembled – rectangular, trapezoidal, multi-sided, rhombus, etc. This ensures that the construction perfectly matches its surrounding environment with the desired architectural style.
  • Accessories:
    The system includes a range of accessories to complete finishes elegantly without exposed screws. A spotlight lighting system can be installed inside the lower edge of beams, giving particularly attractive results.
  • Load capacity:
    Profile bars have been designed for different load capacities and depths according to their area of use. In addition, if necessary they can be internally reinforced with steel to further increase their load capacity.
  • Ventilation:
    To ensure internal ventilation, horizontal windows opening upwards can be fitted, if possible in the higher part of the construction, where hot air accumulates.

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